Teacher Help Center


Click on this Web Conference link for help on using the E4Effort System or to schedule a demonstration.

The Teacher Scoring App and…

  • Home button and Settings‘ options
  • More Scoring Options
  • Menu options •List-view or Card-view •Selecting Order •Selecting or creating a Subcategory • Classroom Recognition
  • Sending a Behavior Comment or announcement
  • Changing maximum Points

The Student Portal and…

  • Student access codes (Regular Acct.)
  • Changing access from access code to email and password (Regular Acct.)
  • Selecting a Course
  • Adding one or more Guardians
  • Viewing: •Overview •Attendance •Achievements •Scores •Subcategories •Behavior Comments •Effort Shares
  • Redeeming Effort Shares for Buyback offer (optional rewards program for Gold Accounts)


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