Effort Shares and Buybacks

Early in my teaching career, I started having my classes pretend they were small startup companies.  Each student/employee earned Effort Shares (points) based on the effort they put toward their learning. Once per quarter I would offer to buy-back their earned Effort Shares for privileges, homework passes, school supplies, or novelty items. This positive behavior system motivated many students to maintain high engagement during learning events and class discussions.

Flash-forward, Effort Shares and Buybacks is an automated version of that same system wherein the scores and recognition you give your students turns into Effort Shares. And the redeeming of Effort Shares by students is done electronically from Student Portals via the internet.

Students earn Effort Shares in two ways: a) through Effort Challenges – run in the background by the E4Effort code, and b) from the Recognition part of the Teacher Scoring App (Effort Awards).  Buyback offerings, created by the teacher or school staff, are usually privileges, passes, school supplies, or novelty items. Students go to their Student Portals to redeem Buybacks using their earned Effort Shares. When a student selects a Buyback offer from their portal their number of “Redeemable Shares” drops and their order information is sent to a table in their teacher’s Teacher Dashboard.

Effort Shares is included in Silver school and individual subscription plans. The automated accounting system “Buybacks” is added to Effort Shares for all Gold individual and School subscription plans. Silver Plan students still earn Effort Shares and badges that they can track on their portals and teachers may devise their own system to reward students for earned Effort Shares. 

Students use Effort Shares to redeem Buyback Offers (8:12)