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Effort Shares and Buybacks how to run intro - E4Effort

How to run Effort Shares and Buybacks

The first question to answer is which style of Buyback order fulfillment do you prefer?

With Continuous Buybacks students can redeem Buyback offers at any time (assuming they have enough Effort Shares) and expect their order to be fulfilled “soon.” Example 1, student redeems a notebook on Monday and receives the notebook on Tuesday or Wednesday. Example 2, a student signs up to be a Teacher’s Assistant on Wednesday and sees their name added to the schedule on Thursday.

With Interval Buybacks students can redeem Buyback offers whenever they display on their Student Portal but there is a set period of days in which the fulfillment of their Buyback orders will be completed. Example, on Monday February 8th, a student redeems a Buyback offer that allows her to “Sit by a Friend.” This and all other redemption orders will be fulfilled during “Buyback Fulfillment Week” which is scheduled for the week of March 22nd.

Continuous Buybacks

  • Students enjoy the freedom of redeeming Buyback offers at any time
  • Students will likely visit all parts of their Student Portal more frequently.
  • Students will expect rapid fulfillment of their redemptions 

Interval Buybacks

  • Favored by teachers who prefer to organize for one redemption wave every six to eight weeks.