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Viewing, editing, or creating Comments

NOTE: The option of sending a comment or notification to a group of students can only be done from the Teacher Dashboard. Sending comments to individual students can be sent from either the Teacher Dashboard or Teacher Scoring App. 

I Viewing and editing Comments

See image below

1) Select a Course and then the tab “Behavior Comments.”

2) The table “Manage Behavior Comments” will appear.

3) Only Comments from the active Term will be displayed. To view or edit Comments from a different Term, change the Term by clicking on the Term window.

4) From the “Actions” column you can Edit or Delete any comment.

Note: Editing an existing Comment does not trigger an email to a student’s Guardian. This is true even if you add a new student to an existing Comment. Guardian email notification happens once – when the Comment is created.

II Sending Comments to individual students or a group of students

Example A: a comment sent to three students communicating improved focus/effort over the past week.

Example B: an announcement to all students in a course reminding them to study for an upcoming quiz.

Sending a comment to an individual student can also be done from the Teacher Scoring App. Sending a comment to multiple students at once is not possible from the Teacher Scoring App. When a comment is created, email notification is sent to all Guardians assigned to the student or students.

5) To create a new comment, select the “+ New Comment” button.

6) Select a ”Behavior Stem.” (To change or edit Behavior Stem choices, go to the home screen of the Teacher Scoring App, then “Settings” and then “Behavior Comment Defaults.”)

7) Select one or more students to receive the comment or announcement. Comments and/or announcements will be listed on the student portal of each selected student.

8) Comments are generally used to communicate and record behavior or academic issues, behavior or academic improvements, and class announcements.