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The Teacher Dashboard and…

updating Clever-synced class rosters

This article is only relevent to Clever-synced E4Effort accounts. If you created your own Courses and entered Students you have a Regular E4Effort account.

Updating Class Rosters

Clever updates changes to class rosters every evening. After one or more updates has been made to your class rosters, you should see changes when you log in to your E4Effort Teacher Dashboard either from the Clever Portal “My Page” (image 1 below) or via app.e4effort.com (2).

If you do not see the expected updates to your class rosters, select Settings (3) on your E4Effort Teacher Dashboard and then Resync Clever Data (4). If you still do not see the expected changes wait one day or check with your school admin to make sure the changes were made to the student information system. 

If your rosters still do not update please send an email to [email protected].