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The Teacher Dashboard and…

Viewing class performance •adding students •changing schedules •editing names

I. Viewing Class Performance

When you select a Course from Courses on the side-panel (see #1 in the image) it will open with the Students tab highlighted (#2). The Students table lists all student in the course along with their effort category percentages and an “Overall %.” 

  • The window on the right side (#3) is displaying the active Term. Click on the Term window to change Terms.
  • You may sort the table by any column by selecting the up/down arrow to the right of the desired column (#4).
  • The Students table includes a Search window (#5) to easily find a particular student’s performance.
  • The Overall % column (#6) displays a weighted average of the four effort categories. 

The default weights for each of the effort categories are: Ready 20%, Participation 20%, On Task, 30%, and Behavior 30%. Unscored categories register as zero percent. If one or more effort categories will not be used, set the category’s weight to zero and change the other category weights so that they sum to 100%. (See the Help Center article: “Setting Category Weights.”)

Including Overall Effort Percentages (OEPs) in your electronic gradebook

It’s a very good idea to include student effort data in your electronic gradebook even if it does not impact the student’s academic grade.  Including each student’s OEP (#6) in your gradebook will allow students, parents, and you to compare and contrast academic performance with in-class effort (see the Help Center article: “Including Overall Effort Percentages in your gradebook”).

II. Adding Students (Regular Accounts*)

*Clever-synced accounts add students automatically and adjust rosters every evening. If your roster is incorrect use the “Resync Clever Data” at Settings on the side panel. If your entire roster is incorrect the sytem may have sent you student course rosters for the entire year. Deactivate courses with rosters for other grading terms, reactivate when needed.

To add a new student or a previously created student to a Course, select the Manage Students button (see #7 in the image).

Creating a new student

  • Scroll to the bottom of the Course’s student list and click on the Add Student button (#8)  – a First Name window and a Last Name window will appear.
  • Type the first name of student you are adding and hit the tab key on your computer keyboard, type last name of student. If you have another new student to add, hit tab key again and a new row will appear. Click the “Save” button when you are finished.

Adding one or more previously created students to an existing or new Course

  • Click in the window below “Add existing students to this course” (#9).
  • Select the student or students you wish to add (in the image Alane, Alfredo, Bobby, and Casey have been selected and Charlie is about to be added).
  • When you are done adding students, scroll down to the end of your student list and press the Save button.
  • If you are creating a new Course and you want to add all previously entered students, click “Select All Active Students” (#10). You may remove one or more students by clicking the “X” next to their name (#11). Remember to click the Save button.

III. Changing a Student’s Schedule or Editing their name (Regular Accounts)

From the same Students table, you can edit a student’s name or change their schedule

  • Click on the “Edit” button to the right of the student’s name (#12)
  • Click in either of the name windows to change the spelling of a student’s name (#13)
  • To change a student’s schedule, click one or more of the Courses’ boxes (#14) and then click the “Save” button.