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Teacher Dashboard and creating or editing Subcategories - E4Effort

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The Teacher Dashboard and..

Creating or editing Subcategories

Subcategories can be created to allow effort scoring to be more specific. For example, the Behavior subcategory “Respectful” may be created to score student effort in terms of respecting other students, student and school supplies, and school property. The On Task subcategory of “Lab” may be created to allow the teacher, student and family to see if a student’s effort is different during lab learning activities versus other types of learning.

I Creating a Subcategory

Each of E4Effort categories can be thought of as a bucket full of student names. The Scoring App is used to score student effort in from 1 to 4 buckets/categories. Additional buckets may be created through the use of subcategories. Subcategories can be specific to the categories of Participation, On Task, and Behavior. Subcategories may also be created that are not specific to one effort category and therefore would be available across Participation, On Task and Behavior. Subcategories can not be created for the Ready category.

1) From Settings (#1), select “Subcategories.”

2) If you want to change an existing Subcategory, select the “Edit” button.

3) Choose the  “+ New Subcategory” button to create a new subcategory.

Use the “Create New Subcategory form” to:

4) Give the subcategory a short name (the scoring app has limited space for names).

5) Select which Courses should have the new subcategory

6) Select an effort Category to attach the subcategory to (or leave blank to attach to all three categories)

7) Change the Multiplier if you want the new subcategory point value to be different than 10 points.

8) Click this box if you want future Courses to have this Subcategory option

9) Click the “Save” button.

The new subcategory will now appear on the mobile Scoring App as a Subcategory option for On Task. To see Scoring App menu options, press the blue bar under the Course title.

II Reviewing student subcategory performance

To review or edit subcategory performance:

10) Select a Course and then the tab “Subcategories.” Student subcategory percentages will be listed by subcategory type.

11) To review or edit the scores that comprise a subcategory percentage, click on the desired percentage.

12) A list of the selected student’s scores will appear for the subcategory type. Use the “Edit” button to make changes