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Beginner's Guide Step 1 Regular - E4Effort

Beginner’s Guide

STEP 1: Singing up and entering courses and students – Regular Account


There are three parts to the E4Effor system. Parts 1 and 2 are created at sign up. Obtaining the Effort Scoring App is necessary and explained in Beginner’s Guide / STEP 2

I. Signing Up for a Regular Account

  1. Review subscription plan options by clicking on the “Pricing” button above
  2. Create an account – use the “Sign Up” button above
  3. At the sign up page, choose your subscription plan, enter your email and password, and click “Sign Up.” The email and password you enter will also be used to open your Effort Scoring App (see Beginner’s Guide, STEP 2)

II. Enter your Courses and Students

NOTE: Teachers who teach many different subjects to the same students (e.g. elementary school teachers) can make E4Effort easier to use by representing their school day with just 1 or 2 courses. When you see the same students all day it’s difficult to remember to keep switching courses on the app. Additionally, having just one or two courses helps with the Participation category because student participation will be equalized over a larger segment of your school day.

Watch the short screencast video to see an overview of the steps outlined below.

A. Creating Courses

  1. After signing up, the Teacher Dashboard will open to the “Manage Courses” page
  2. Select the “+New Course” button (see #1 in image)
  3. Fill in course information (to have your courses listed by class period, include the period number as part of each course title (e.g., P1 Advisory, P2 Social Studies, etc.)
  4. When you create your first Course, you will also create a Term
    • Give the Term a name and start and end dates
    • “Estimated school days” is used to organize the Effort Challenge badges that are automatically awarded to students meeting effort percentage 5-day minimums
    • It is better to underestimate the number of days than to overestimate
  5. To create more Courses, click on the Owl at the top of the side-panel or select “View All Courses” from Courses on the side-panel, then select “+New Course”

B. Adding Students

  1. Choose a Course (#2) and then the “Add Students” button (#3)
    • If you have students entered already, first select the “Manage Students” button then “Add Students”
  2. A First Name window and a Last Name window will appear
    • Type the first name of student X and hit the tab key on your computer
    • Type the last name of student X and hit tab key (a new row will appear)
  3. In this way you may type all students for one course without using your mouse or track pad to navigate to the Add Student button
  4. Click the “Save” button when you finish adding students to the course.
  5. If none of your students have more than one course with you, repeat the steps of creating courses and adding Students
    • If you have one or more students for multiple courses, continue on to section II C

C. Adding one or more previously created students to an existing or new Course 

  1. Click in the window below “Add existing students to this course” (#4)

  2. Select the student or students you wish to add
    • In the image, Alane, Alfredo, Bobby, and Casey have been selected and Charlie is about to be added
  3. When you are done adding students, scroll down to the end of your student list and press the Save button
  4. If you are creating a new Course and you want to add all previously entered students, click “Select All Active Students” (#5)
    • You may remove one or more students by clicking the “X” next to their names (#6)
  5. Remember to click the Save button