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Teacher Dashboard and creating seatings to match student seat locations - E4Effort

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The Teacher Dashboard and..

Creating Seatings to match student seat locations

Seatings allows student names in the Teacher Scoring App to match student seat locations in the classroom. The “Select Order” option in the Teacher Scoring App menu, allows students to be listed by their first name, last name, randomly, or by Seatings. These “Select Order” options are only available for the categories of Ready, On Task, and Behavior – students are always listed randomly in the Participation and Recognition categories. Having students listed by their seat location is especially helpful when scoring the On Task category.

Creating a new seating

New Seatings are created from within a Course:

1) Select a Course and then the tab “Seatings.”

2) Select the “+New Seating button.”

3) Name the Seating and choose how student names will line up to be placed in seating groups. Then press the “Save” Button.

4) Use the “Add New Group” button to create places to add student names. The number of groups needed is usually determined by how your room is arranged. For example, a classroom with 8 student tables would likely create 8 groups.”

5) Give each “New Group” a name a number or a letter.

6) Use the ”Place Students” button to have students placed into groups. Alternatively, you may drag a student from the side listing and drop them into a group.

After the students are placed, you may move any student by dragging and dropping the student into a different group (or a different placement within a group). In the image below, Lanny C is being dragged from group F to group B.

7) When a new student is added to a course, the student will need to be placed into a group in each of your Seatings. Click on the “Sync Missing Students” link and then drag and drop the student to the desired group.

To see the new Seating in the Scoring App:

8a) Click on the “Home” button to refresh the Scoring App

8b) Open menu options by pressing the Course name. Go to ”Select Order” and choose “Labs.” 

8c) Close the menu by pressing the Course name. The chosen order, “Labs,” is displayed on the left side of the light-blue bar.