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CHECK 2: Account settings

Open Account settings

Open your Teacher Dashboard, then click “Settings” from the side-panel (#1) or click the blue and white icon located in the upper-right corner of the page (#2).

Edit or Manage Account

From the Edit Account page you may change your email if you have a Regular Account (image #3). Email addresses can not be changed for Clever-synced accounts. Change your password (#4). Select the ”Update” button after any changes (#5).

You may change your Account plan from the “Manage Account Plans” window. Making a change during the 30-day free trial will end the trial. To change your Account plan duration, click the Monthly/Yearly button (#6). To upgrade or downgrade your plan, choose any of the “Select” buttons (#7).  Be sure to press “Update Account Plan” after any change (#8).

After your initial payment, you may change your credit card from the “Update Credit Card” button (#9). You may also cancel your subscription (#10) but consider downgrading to our free Bronze plan before canceling. (Some monthly subscribers downgrade to Bronze during the summer months and upgrade back to Silver of Gold for their school year.)