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Teacher Dashboard and Shares - E4Effort

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The Teacher Dashboard and..

Shares – Effort Shares and Buybacks

This side-panel button is used to access Effort Shares and Buybacks information by Course. The Shares button has five tabs that will be covered in sections below: Students, Effort Challenges, Achievements, Classroom Shares, and Buybacks.

I. Students

(Refer to the trailing image for each numbered item.)

The Students’ tab displays a table showing how many Effort Shares each student has as well as how they earned their Effort Shares.

1) When you click on Shares on the side panel and select a Course, the dashboard will open to the Students tab.

2) Recognition Turns – it is important to refer to this column to ensure that students are receiving the same number of Recognition turns. Recognition turns can accidently become out of sync if you restart Recognition scoring before everyone has had a turn or you connect to the Teacher Scoring App with different devices (e.g. a smartphone and a tablet). See section I of How to use the Recognition Category.

3) Recognition Shares – displays the Course’s cumulative total of Effort Shares earned from Recognition during the active Term. Freddy (3a) has a total of 8 shares from two turns. We can conclude that Freddy had at least one turn in which he did not earn an Effort Award badge.

4) Effort Challenge Achievements – earned in the background – no teacher involvement. In summary, the program first checks if 5 days of scoring (in any Category) has occurred since the last Effort Challenge. If yes, the program then checks to see if over those 5 days the student has an average at or above a set milestone (the milestones get progressively higher). If yes, the program sends a badge and 2 Effort Shares to the student’s portal for the category that was checked. The program then checks the next category. Effort Challenges start over when ever a new Term is activated. 

5) Effort Challenge Shares – the number of Shares earned through Effort Challenges = 2X Effort Challenge Achievements.

6) Shares this Course – the total Shares earned by the student in the selected Course across all Terms.

7) Shares all Courses – total Shares earned across all Courses and Terms. (Some students have more than one Teacher using E4Effort or a teacher who see’s the same student for multiple Courses.)

8) Redeemable Shares – Shares available for redeeming Buyback Offers. This is the total unspent Shares across all Courses and Terms. Angelia (8a) has redeemed 184 Effort Shares so far = Shares all Courses minus Redeemable Shares = 290 -106 = 184.

II. Effort Challenges

When creating a new Term the user is required to estimate the number of school days over the length of the Term. This information is used to set up the Effort Challenges grid (shown below). In the example image, the user selected 40 school-days.

9) The grid shows the percentage of students, in the selected Course, that have reached each Effort Challenge level. The grid also shows that, during the next 5-day effort performance, in the categories of Ready, On Task, and Behavior, most of the students will be moving on from Gold to the Platinum Level 1 milestone. Notice that the Participation category is lagging behind the other categories. This happens because normally all students are scored at the same time for Ready, On Task and Behavior, whereas with the Participation category, it may take several class periods before all students are called on and scored.

III. Achievements

The Achievements table is useful for quickly checking how a student has earned their Effort Shares.

10) Use the Search window to type a student’s name and see their Achievements information.

11) Click on the student’s name to view their Student Portal.

IV. Create a Classroom Challenge

Students can be challenged and rewarded as a group based on the class average of all student effort scores and overall class behavior. A good time to run a classroom challenge is during the nine or more days leading up to a school break. See section II of How to use the Recognition Category for information on how to give Classroom Shares directly from the Teacher Scoring App.

12) Create a Classroom Challenge by selecting the Buybacks or Shares buttons on the side-panel of the Teacher Dashboard (see section V below).  A Classroom Challenge thermometer will appear on the Effort Shares tab of all student portals (Gold accounts).

13) Click on the Edit Shares Earned button to adjust previously awarded Classroom Shares.

14) Click on the Add Shares Earned button to add Classroom Shares for days that were not scored using the Teacher Scoring App.

V. Buybacks

From the Buybacks tab you can view Redemption orders by Student name, Buyback Name, Redemption Date, Shares Cost, or Status. You can also create new Classroom Challenges or Buyback offers for the selected Course or multiple Courses.

15) Use the Copy or CSV button to create a printable version of the Redemptions table.

16) Use the Search window to organize Redemption Orders.

17) Use the “+” buttons to create new Classroom Challenges or Buyback offers for the selected Course or multiple Courses.

18) Click on the name of any Buyback to make changes.