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Beginner's Guide Step 1 Google Classroom - E4Effort

Beginner’s Guide

STEP 1: Signing up and syncing courses and students – Google Classroom-synced Account


There are three parts to the E4Effort system. Parts 1 and 2 are created at sign up. Obtaining the Effort Scoring App is necessary and explained in Beginner’s Guide / STEP 2

I. Signing Up for E4Effort and syncing Google Classroom courses and students

II. Managing which courses are viewable in your Teacher Dashboard and Effort Scoring App

Some schools sync courses and sections for the entire school year. It is best practice to place courses that are not part of the active term into “Inactive” status. 

  1. Navigate to the “Manage Courses” page by clicking on the Owl (#1 in the image)
  2. Review your course list and sections and decide which courses should be deactivated
  3. Use the Deactivate button (#2) to move courses to your inactive list
  4. To activate deactivated courses, click on the “Show Inactive” button (#3).


III. Teachers who teach more than one subject to the same students (e.g. elementary teacher)

Make E4Effort easier to use by choosing 1 or 2 courses for all of your effort scoring. When you see the same students for multiple courses, it’s difficult to remember to keep switching courses on the app. Additionally, having just one or two courses helps with the Participation category because student participation will be equalized over a larger segment of the school day.

Note: You can use E4Effort’s Subcategory feature to give titles to learning activities in the On-Task category. For example, even though you are in the Course “Mathematics,” you can create a Subcategory titled “Science.” This will allow you to assess student effort more specifically by course. This is also helpful for parent teacher conferences and staff meetings (RTI, PBIS). The categories of Participation and Behavior also allow Subcategories to be created. See the article Creating or editing Subcategories in the Help Center.

IV. If you don’t have any Google Classroom classes (referred to as courses in E4Effort):

V. Updating Google Classroom classes and students

  • Google updates Classroom students and classes on a regular basis
  • If you would like to resync Google data, go to Settings on the side panel of your E4Effort Teacher Dashboard and then select “Resync Google Classroom Data”