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The Teacher Dashboard and..

Attendance records for a selected course

Attendance records are generated from scoring done in the Ready category.

Note: Teachers do not necessarily score the Ready category every day. Consequently, records displayed will more than likely be a subset of each student’s actual attendance record.

Students Table

(Refer to the trailing image for each numbered item.)

1) Select a Course and then the tab “Attendance.”

2) Review Students table of student Ready records (Ready %, On Time count, Absent count, Tardy count, Tardy Excused count).

3) Click on a student’s name (3a) to review their attendance record for the active Term (3b).

Add or Edit Attendance Record

4) After selecting a student from the Students table, a new record may be added to the student’s attendance record by selecting the “+New Attendance” button.

5) To change an existing attendance record, select the “Edit” button.