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Reduce correcting workload - E4Effort

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Reduce your correcting workload

Reduce correcting with the Scoring App’s Subcategory feature

Give students credit and hold them accountable without collecting, grading, and returning assignments.  This strategy targets formative assignments whose answers are covered during class (students-self correct). Student focus improves when they know you will frequently use the “Effort App” to check and score their work.

How to add On-Task subcategory scores to your grade book

Step 1  Go to the On-Task category and press the blue bar below the Course name

Step 2  Scroll down and select an existing Subcategory or “Create New Subcategory

Step 3  You have the option of changing the high-point limit (from the default of 10 points) to from 5 to 50 points.

Step 4  Title the assignment, for example, Grammar WS #2 (WS = worksheet)

Step 5  Tell students what a high-effort score will look like. Go from student to student and check work completion. Enter less-than-max scores to students whose level of focus does not meet expectations (do not score everyone on the same scale – some students giving 80% effort compared to their peers might be given full credit because 80% focus is at or near their max level).  Near the end of the time allotted, use the “Score All Students” button to give full credit to all unscored students.

Step 6  When you are ready to enter the scores into your gradebook, sign in to your account from a desktop or laptop computer and navigate to Courses/Subcategories

Step 7  Click on the desired Subcategory (Grammar WS #2)

Step 8  Enter the Subcategory scores for Grammar WS #2 into your gradebook and you’re done!


  • If you use the same Subcategory title more than once the system will blend or average that Subcategory’s scores.
  • Subcategory scores that are linked to the On-Task category are included with other On-Task scores when determining each student’s On-Task percentage.
  • In addition to On-Task, you can also create and link Subcategories to the categories of Participation, and Behavior.