Introducing E4Effort to students

(Scroll down for screencast video)


  1. Review the screencast video below.
  2. On the day you are ready to begin scoring student effort, show your students either the slides (you will be the narrator) or the video.
  3. You do not need to know how to score all the Effort categories to get started.  Some teachers begin using E4Effort with just the Participation or On Task category and work in the other categories over time.
  4. If you do not plan on using all four Effort Categories, change the weight of any category you are not using to 0% and adjust the remaining category weights so that the total is 100% – see article – How to change category weights.

Slides for introducing the E4Effort system to your students If you decide on using the slides, use PowerPoint “Presenter View” so that you can see the script as you present each slide.



When you are ready to start E4Effort, show video to students in parts or all at once: Introducing E4Effort to students (15:21)