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Include student in-class effort in your gradebook

Include each student’s Overall Effort Percentage (OEP) in your electronic gradebook

Emphasize student effort by including student effort data in your electronic gradebook!  Do this even if you are not using the student’s OEP as part of their academic grade.  Including the overall effort percentage in the gradebook will allow students, parents, and you to compare and contrast academic performance with in-class effort.

To set up your electronic gradebook to include effort data take the following steps:

  1. Create a category in you electronic gradebook titled “Student In-Class Effort” (or use an existing category).
  2. If you created a new gradebook category, assign a weight of from 0 to 100% depending on a) school policy b) type of class (e.g. Advisory could be 100%), and c) whether you are using the Scoring App to score effort alone or effort and some class assignments.
  3. Under your chosen gradebook category, create a 100-point assignment titled In-class Effort from ___ to ___   (the first blank = the starting date of the E4Effort Term; second blank = the date you enter student Overall Effort Percentages).  If you have assigned a gradebook category weight of zero in step 2 above, this 100-point assignment will have no impact on the student’s grade.
  4. Enter the Overall Effort Percentages shown in the Students table (see image below) into your gradebook’s 100-point effort assignment.
  5. Weekly or biweekly, edit the assignment you created in Step 3 (don’t create a new assignment) by changing the end date and updating the Overall Effort Percentages. When you change the end date the assignment should move to the front or top of your gradebook.