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How to Score Ready - E4Effort

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Begin class, who’s READY?

Use the READY category to score student readiness for class.  A “Ready” score (10 points) is given to students who:

  • Arrive on time
  • Have their supplies
  • Quickly begin your start-class expectations including any “warm-up” assignments.

Common Steps

  1. First score missing students as “Absent” (see image).
  1. If any student is not complying with your Ready expectations, score them as Mostly Ready (8 pts) or Not Ready (5 pts).

3. At the end of the time allotted for Ready, use the Score All Students button to give everyone who met expectations a Ready (10 pts) score.

4. If a student who was marked absent comes to class late, change their absent designation to either “Tardy  Excused” (no score) or Tardy (0 out of 10).

The Ready category is designed to be scored once per class period.  You can change scores but, unlike all other categories, you will not find a New Scoring button at the bottom of the student list. The program code will refresh Ready scoring overnight.