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How to use Subcategories in Participation and On Task

Each of E4Effort categories can be thought of as a bucket full of student names. You use the Scoring App to score student effort for a particular bucket/category.   The categories of Participation and On Task allow more buckets through the use of Subcategories.

Unless you create a new Subcategory (or select a previously created Subcategory), Participation and On Task scoring will be categorized as “General”. Designating a Subcategory allows you to more narrowly define Participation or On Task effort.  For example, does a student’s On Task effort change noticeably when they are doing individual versus group work?  Writing notes versus preforming a lab?

Subcategories are not specific to Participation or On Task.  Any Subcategory that you create in Participation will also be available in On Task and vice versa.

Here are some possible Subcategories/buckets for the Participation category:

Whiteboard – use this bucket to select students to work sample problems on the whiteboard

Scorekeeper – use this bucket to select the scorekeeper during class quiz games

Teaching Asst. – passes out papers, collects papers, helps with demonstrations, runs errands, etc.

Using the Scoring App to select or create a Subcategory

  1.  Press on the light-blue bar below the Course name

2.  Choose an existing Subcategory or select “Create New Subcategory”.

3.  Your selection will appear within the light-blue bar.

You can use Subcategories in the On Task category to more precisely track repeated types of learning events or to track a particular learning event.

Tracking learning events that repeat

Designating a Subcategory provides more information about a student’s on task behavior.  For example: is the student’s on task percentage higher under ”General” “Notes” or “Lab”?

  1.  To see Subcategory choices or to create a new Subcategory, press the light-blue bar below the Course name.

2.  Choose an existing Subcategory or select “Create New Subcategory”.

3.  Your selection will appear within the light-blue bar.

Tracking a particular learning event

Reduce your correcting workload by using the Scoring App’s Subcategory feature.

Give students credit and hold them accountable without collecting, grading, and returning their papers.  This strategy targets assignments that were well covered during class and helps to increase student day to day focus since they know you will more often check and score their work.

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