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How to score On Task - E4Effort

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Give students credit for their focus with ON TASK

The On Task category works great for giving students real-time credit for the work they are doing and for holding students accountable when they are not focusing on the learning task. You can use it to reduce your workload by scoring work that you just need to quickly scan (title the work using the “Subcategory” option and enter scores into your gradebook later). The ability of students to focus and stay on task is an important skill to reinforce.  After students have been given a learning task, use the On Task category to score students and give feedback such as noting their effort and progress.


  1. Tell students what a score of “On Task” looks like and then use the “Score All Students” button to start everyone with a score of “On Task.”
  2. Choose how you want student names to be listed. Choices are: random, alphabetical by first name, alphabetical by last name, or by their seat assignment (setting up Seatings is not available in the free Bronze plan). Press the light blue area just below the name of the Course to “Select Order”.
  3. Go around the room and lower scores of any students whose effort is below “On Task”.  Tell those students that you will check back later and raise their score if they improve their effort (but don’t give them full credit).
  4. To start scoring over, select the “New Scoring” button that is at the end of the student list.


  1. In settings you can turn on “More Scoring Options” which has nine scoring choices instead of three.

2. You can raise or lower the scoring point value (loosely based on the time allotted for the learning task).  To view point value options press on the point value box in the upper right corner of the app

3. Unless you create a new Subcategory (or select a previously created Subcategory), your On Task scoring will be categorized as “General”. Designating a Subcategory provides more information about a student’s on task behavior.  For example: is the student’s on task percentage higher under ”General” “Notes” or “Lab”?

  • To see selection choices, press on the light-blue bar below the Course name.