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How to score Behavior - E4Effort

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Score student BEHAVIOR

Using the scoring app to score disruptive BEHAVIOR in the moment is not recommended.  Instead keep track of student behavioral-redirects (mentally or on paper) and enter behavior scores on an interval schedule that works for you. Generally I keep track of most of my student redirects on a class roster and enter behavior scores once per week.  Occasionally I will score a few students daily so that their parents or guardians have more frequent feedback on their student’s behavioral performance.


  1. Change the point value to match the number of class-periods you are scoring: 10 pts = 1 class period, 20 pts = 2 class periods … 50 points = 5 class periods.  In figure 1, the point value is being changed to 50 pts = 5 class-periods.

2. Before using the “Score All Students” button (step 3) use the “Skip” button to skip students that receive behavior scores on a different frequency (e.g. every day instead every 5 days).

3. Use the “Score All Students” button to start all students with an “Excellent” Score.

4. Change the scores of students whose behavior was less than “Excellent”. You can use the “More Scoring Options” button to change from three scoring options to nine. In Figure 4 below, George C’s score was changed to 35 out of 50, Cheryl M is at 25/50 and Jimi H is at 45/50.

5. To start scoring over, select the “New Scoring” button that is at the end of the student list.

From the Behavior category teachers may quickly send comments to guardians and students.  Your comments are sent to the Student’s Portal and an email alert is sent to any guardians associated with the student (see: How to send a Behavior Comment).

Note of caution to Bronze subscribers: Your students do not have Student Portals to receive Behavior Comments.  However, if you make “test comments” with the Scoring App they will populate to Student Portals if you later upgrade to either a Silver or Gold plan. These can be deleted by going to Course/Behavior Comments.

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