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How to create a new Term - E4Effort

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How to create a new Term

With a new Term all scoring and category effort percentages will start over. Student Effort Shares, and Badges will carry through to the new Term as will Course Seatings, and Subcategories. A new Term can be created at any time but new Terms are often created to match grading periods. 

You may wish to change Terms more frequently then every quarter, but if a Term has less than 20 days it will not be possible for students to reach the Effort Challenges’ Platinum level (as shown in the table below).

If your new Term has all new students, create new Courses for the new Term and add students.  See: Creating Courses and Adding Students to Courses

Step 1 From the Teacher Dashboard, select “Terms” from the sidepanel (1), and then the “+ New Term” button (2).

Step 2   Enter the information needed to create the new Term:

a. Name the Term

b. Select the start and end dates of your Term

c. Estimate the number of school days in the Term.

d. Selecting a Course causes that Course to change to the new Term (this can be undone from within the Course – see below).

You can change to any available Term from within any Course at the Term window (see arrow).