Signing Up – Regular or Clever-synced Account

NOTE: There are 3 parts to The E4Effort System: 1) a Teacher Dashbord, 2) Student Portals, and 3) a Teacher Scoring App. Parts 1 and 2 are created at Sign Up. Obtaining the Teacher Scoring App is a separate step – see STEP 2 of the Beginner’s Guide.

Regular Account

  1. Review subscription plans (see options here)
  2. From a desktop or laptop computer, sign up choosing the blue “Sign Up” button instead of the  “Sign Up with Clever” button (sign up).
  3. See STEP 1 of the Beginner’s Guide for information about entering Courses and Students.

Clever-synced Account

Your district needs to be signed up to Clever (most are). FYI – student names synced via Clever will be listed as first name, last initial (Michael J., Lindsay W. etc.)

NOTE: Elementary teachers, and other teachers who teach many different subjects to the same students, you can make E4Effort easier to use by choosing 2 or 3 Courses to do all your effort scoring. This is explained in section I B of  Beginner’s Guide STEP 1.

Another solution is to replace your Clever-synced account with a Regular Account. This will allow you to create your own Courses. For example, Sec 1 B L (Before Lunch), and Sec 2 A L (After Lunch). To sign up for a Regular Account, go to our sign up page, use a non-school email address, and select the blue “Sign Up” button.

Steps to sync your Courses and Students using the Clever Library

  1. From a desktop or laptop computer (or tablet) go to https://clever.com and sign in as a teacher or go to sign up and choose the “Log in with Clever” option.
  2. Select the “Library” tab, then “Classroom Management” and then “E4Effort.”
  3. Select “Install E4Effort” and “Allow and continue” buttons.

To see these steps click on the 50 second video: