Pricing for individual teachers

• Plan options: Bronze (free), Silver ($4/month, $19/year), Gold ($6/month, $29/year)

• Thirty-day free trial! (At sign up or when upgrading from Bronze plan)

• Upgrade or downgrade at  Settings/Account inside your Teacher Dashboard

Plan Options



Processes data from the scoring app:
  • READY scoring
  • ON TASK scoring
  • BEHAVIOR scoring


Includes a Teacher Dashboard to:
  • Manage students and courses
  • Monitor class and individual trends
  • Review and adjust student scoring
  • Create and name multiple “Seatings” so that student names will display on the Effort Scoring App by their assigned group or seat locations. This will facilitate more efficient scoring from the Ready, On Task, and Behavior categories.

$19/year or $4/month

Everything in BRONZE + Individual Student Portals with:
  • Achievement page that includes:
    • Effort Challenge badges
    • Effort Award badges
  • Scores Page
  • Attendance Page
  • Behavior Comments Page
  • Effort Shares Page with graphs showing individual and classroom shares earned
  • Link parents and guardians for easy access
+ Send behavior or other messages

From the Scoring App to Student Portals (linked parents and guardians will receive an email alert)

+ Effort Shares (an optional classroom currency)
  • Earned individually via Effort Awards and Effort Challenges
  • Earned collectively via Classroom Recognition
  • Tracked on Teacher Dashboard and Student Portals

$29/year or $6/month

Everything in SILVER
+ Accounting system – students redeem their Effort Shares:

Help motivate students with Buyback Offerings that students can redeem right from their Student Portal!


  • Teacher creates Buybacks and sets Share price
  • Buybacks appear on Student Portals
  • Students decide whether to spend some of their Effort Shares for Buybacks
  • Students click their selection(s), their “redeemable” Share total drops, and the Teacher’s Dashboard populates with student’s Buyback information
  • Teacher (or teacher-selected student volunteers) coordinates the delivery of Buybacks to students
  • Delivered Buybacks are marked as “fulfilled” on Teacher Dashboard
+ Classroom Challenges:
  • Set up all-class challenges. For example: earn 1000 Classroom Shares within 12 class days and watch Planet Earth during half of the class period on day 13.
  • Students will see a Classroom Challenge Thermometer on their Student Portals that monitors class progress

Individual Teacher account types: 

• Regular Account – teacher controls inputs of courses, students, schedule changes, etc.

• Clever Library account – courses and students are automatically synced into E4Effort

• Google Classroom account – courses and students are automatically synced into E4Effort

School pricing starts at $750 per school per year!!

For up to 500 active student users

(e.g. a school with a population of 1000 students that has 500 or less active student users would pay $750/year)

Discounted pricing available for:

• Districts that sign up multiple schools • Schools with less than 500 total students 

For school subscriptions, contact [email protected] (612-770-0527)