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Effort Shares/Students - E4Effort

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Effort Shares and student achievements

Introduction to Effort Shares

Effort Shares is a motivating point system in which students earn points (Shares) for in-class effort. There are two ways to earn Effort Shares:

  1. Effort Awards: from the Recognition category of the Scoring App, students are selected for Effort Awards. The E4Effort system places Effort Award badges on recepient Student Portals. Badges are Gold, Silver, and Bronze and have values of 10, 8, and 6 Shares respectively. See: How to use the Recognition category
  2. Effort Challenges: E4Effort software monitors student effort percentages in intervals of five-class days.  If a student’s average effort percentage in any of the four effort categories is at or above a target level, a badge is sent to the Achievement page of their Student Portal.  Target percentages start at 80% for Bronze Level 1, progress through Silver, Gold, and culminate with a 98% target for the highest Platinum level. Each challenge achieved is worth two Effort Shares.

Optional: Effort Shares may be used as a class or school currency.  Students of Gold subscribers may exchange Effort Shares for Buyback offerings that appear on their Student Portals.  Teachers create Buyback Offerings from the ”Buybacks” tab on the side panel of the Teacher Dashboard. See: How to create Buyback Offerings.


Students table in Effort Shares & Buybacks

The ”Students” table in Effort Shares & Buybacks displays information about how students have earned their Effort Shares, their total earnings, and how many “Redeemable” Shares they have.

  1. Select a Course and then the “Shares & Buybacks” tab.
  1. Explanation of column headings for Effort Shares’ Students table:

a. Recognition Turns – number of times during the Term that the student has had a chance for an Effort Award. Recognition turns are recorded using the Recogniton category of the Scoring App.  All selection choices are recorded as a turn.  Selecting Gold = 1 turn; selecting No Medal (0 shares) also counts as 1 turn.

b. Recognition Shares – the number of Effort Shares earned from Recognition.  The number displayed represents Effort Shares for the selected Course (P7 Art) and Term (Quarter 2)

c. Achievements # – number of Effort Challenges the student has achieved for the selected Course and Term.

d. Achievement Shares – Number of Effort Shares the students has earned via the Effort Challenges.  (Equal to the number of Achievements times 2.)

e. Shares this Course – Recognition Shares + Achievement Shares.  The sum shown is for all Terms. Notice the first student, Bryant Kan has 114 Shares this Course but his Recognition Shares + Achievement Shares only adds up to 26 Shares.  His total of 114 Shares includes Shares he earned from the Course during the previous Term (Quarter 1).

f. Shares all Courses – Number of Shares from all Courses.  This sum would be different from “Shares this Course” if: 1) your school has a school subscription. 2) you have one or more students taking more than one Course from you; 3) Teachers registered to the same school selected students from a student pool generated by the first teacher to enter student names.

g. Redeemable Shares – This column is relevant for teachers or schools that are using Effort Shares as a currency. How to create Buyback Offerings and redeem Effort Shares is covered in the Gold section of Help Center for Teachers.