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Courses/Seatings - E4Effort

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On the Scoring App, students are listed in random order for the categories of Participation and Recognition.  The Ready, On Task, and Behavior categories allow students to be listed by first name, last name, or random.  Additionally, for Silver and Gold subscribers, student lists can be organized by where students sit – called ”Seatings”.  Having students listed on the Scoring App by where they sit is especially helpful when scoring the categories of Ready and On Task.

Creating a New Seating

New Seatings can be created from within a Course – select the tab “Seatings” (a) or via the side panel “Seatings” (b).  The process is the same except from the side panel you will need to designate a Course when creating the new Seating.


  1. Click on the New Seating Button.
  1. Name the Seating and choose how you want the students to line-up to be put in their seating groups – Random, By first name or By last name
  2. Use the “Add New Group” button to add as many groups as you need.
  1. Designate each group with a number or a letter or a name. Note: in order to have the groups appear in the correct order on the Scoring App, start with the upper left group and go down each column.
  2. Manually drag each student to a group or use the ”Place Students” button to have students placed in the same order that you chose earlier (random, first, or last name).
  1. After the students are placed, you may move any student by dragging and dropping the student into a different group (or a different placement within a group). Note – sometimes the groups will jump columns during drag and drop maneuvers – the best way to prevent this from happening is to make your browser view smaller (i.e. zoom out).
  1. When a new student is added to a Course, the student will need to be placed in a group in each of your Seatings. Click on the “Sync Missing Students” link and then drag and drop the student to the desired group.
  1. Check for the new Seating (Red) in the Scoring App. 8a) Click on the “Home” button to allow the Scoring App to pick up the new Seating and then choose the correct Course. 8b) Press on the light-blue bar below the class name to open ”Select Order” options and choose “Red”.  8c)  The Seatings titled “Red” appears on the light-blue bar below the Course name and groups 1 and 2 appear in order.