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Each of E4Effort categories can be thought of as a bucket full of student names. You use the Scoring App to score student effort for a particular bucket/category.   The categories of Participation and On Task allow more buckets through the use of Subcategories.

From Courses/Subcategory, you can view or edit Subcategory scores or create new Subcategories.  First select the Course of interest and then the tab ”Subcategory”

  1.  To change the name or point value of an existing Subcategory click on its “Edit” button.

2.  Select a Subcategory title (e.g. Grammar WS#1).

  1. View or edit student scores for the selected Subcategory. To learn how to use Subcategories to reduce your correcting workload see the article: Reduce your correcting workload

You may create Subcategories from the Teacher Dashboard or directly from the Scoring App (see: How to use Subcategories in Participation and On Task).

After pressing the “New Subcategory” button:

a)  Title the Subcategory,

b)  Optional – raise or lower the point value from 10,

c)  Click on the Save button,

d)  The new Subcategory will now be available on the Scoring App