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When you select one of your Courses in the Teacher Dashboard, it will open with the “Students” tab highlighted.  The Scores tab is located just to the right of the Students tab. Course percentages are shown in the boxes at the top of the page for the categories of Overall, Ready, Participation, On Task, and Behavior.  Things to know about the Scores tab:

1.  When you click on any of the boxes the scores for only that category will be displayed.

2.  The table is initially organized by date (most recent score first). The table may be sorted by any column – just select the up or down arrow to the right of the column.

3.  Use the Search window to filter scores by student name, date, subcategory, score %, or score. For example, if you want to review or change a particular student’s scores, search by their name.  You may want to filter your search further by using the arrows for the desired column – in the image Jamison’s scores are filtered by the column “Scores” to show the lowest scores first.

4.  If you need to adjust a score, select the Edit button in the row that contains the score you wish to change. An ”Update Score” window will appear – click on the Score cell and make the desired change. Make sure to check the “Max score” cell just below the Score cell so that your change stays at or below the maximum score.