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Beginner’s Guide

STEP 6: Accessing & navigating the Student Portal

(Scroll down for screencast video)


After you have used the Teacher Scoring App (Effort App) long enough to give each student several scores, select a date/class period to show students how to access and navigate their Student Portals.  (This will likely take 30 or more minutes – depending on the number of students you have.)

  1. Show the screencast video: Accessing and navigating the Student Portal (below).
  2. Pass out the Parent Letter and Student Assignment.
  3. Have students sign in to their Student Portal
  4. Have students complete assignment-items 1, 2, and the second part of 3 in class and complete the rest of the assignment with parent/guardian at home.


  1. Each student will need a copy of the Parent Letter and Student Assignment (editable) or (PDF)
  2. If you did not sign up with Clever, your students will need access codes.  From the “Students’ tab of each Course, press on the “Print Access Codes” button. Next, look for an email from “[email protected]

Accessing and navigating the Student Portal  (teacher portion at the start: 1 min 40 sec; Student portion: 8min 48 sec)